The weirdest tech creations ever seen

One of the negative points of the advances in technology is they are often used when are not necessary. Specifically, this is the case of those companies incorporating tech to inventions that do not reach the market. What is known as ‘Start-ups’, the development of more creative innovations, can become real failures since getting out of the guidelines or rules carries risks. Still, there are companies that prefer taking the chance of creating something that breaks the mold, but most of these attempts are not usually accepted by consumers and are put aside to complete disappearance.

‘Mui’, the intelligent wood

In our daily life we live surrounded by touch screens and even one of these always accompanies us everywhere, our personal smartphone. One of the rarest inventions of this compilation is smart wood, known as ‘Mui’. Specifically, this is based on a simple wooden plank that can be part of a house decoration.

The intelligent wood ‘Mui’ must be placed on the wall for proper operation.

This incorporates some technological functions that can be synchronized with our smartphone thanks to its touch surface. In addition, it has tools such as an agenda, home temperature control, lighting intensity control and can communicate with Alexa and the Google assistant.

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Transparent appliances

The use of a transparent refrigerator can allow you to see food without opening it.

In our daily habits, the appliances that surround us usually fulfill a fundamental function, facilitating a multitude of tasks. Companies like National Electronics, specializing in transparent appliances’ creation wanted to change the aesthetics of these prototypes. In addition, the true intention of the company was to show the consumer the insides of these devices, but this proposal had a very high reception.

The bed that secures your half

Sleeping alone is an indescribable luxury that can allow the user to move around the entire surface of the bed without any inconvenience. The real problem arises in the battles of couples who try to rest and end up arguing for the partial half of the bed. Given this situation, the Ford company created the ‘Ford Lane-Keeping Bed’, which ensures that each member could keep half of the corresponding surface.

‘Ford Lane-Keeping Bed’ allows users to keep half of the mattress.

The use of a lane keeping assistant is the essential key to this product. Specifically, it is taken out of a test with vehicles, and incorporated into the ‘Ford Lane-Keeping Bed’ to detect when one member invades the space of the other. After this detection, the mattress itself moves so that the attacked user can keep his bed half. In short, this product did not reach the market, since it was only based on a project/prototype that will never be marketed by the Ford company.

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Throwable vase and fire extinguisher

Samsung Firevase, can save more than one life in a real fire situation.

The Samsung company, specialists in the development and creation of smart devices never stops thinking about creations that impact today’s society. One of their latest ideas is the launch of a seemingly decorative vase that serves to put out fires. The known as Samsung Firevase, it is not a traditional vase, since inside it hides a special substance. In addition, this fluid produces a cooling reaction when it comes into contact with fire, which causes its extinguishing. It should be noted that Samsung distributed hundreds of these prototypes among the inhabitants of South Korea.

Office table with pool

Swim Desk the best office table to work in summer.

The office workers have to go to their jobs usually wearing suits, a task that can be complicated in summer. In addition, the idea of sitting in front of your computer and an air conditioner becomes boring, so you can opt for ‘Swim Desk’ the desk that incorporates a pool. The only drawback of this invention is that the combination of water and technology does not usually work, so your hands must remain dry in order to type. If you still don’t think this is real, you can go to reserve your table with a pool on the ThinkGeek page for about $ 1,999.

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A cushion with a built-in cat tail

The artificial feline Qoobo is successfully marketed in large parts of Asia.

‘Qoobo’, the cushion with a cat-like shape incorporates even a tail attempt and is the latest trend in the city of Japan. It started with the idea of a pillow and ended up becoming something else since it reacts to nearby movements and moves when you caress it. The objective of this invention was to transmit the relax created by the animal’s tail movement, but it is unknown if this therapeutic practice will become effective with Qoobo since for some clients it is nothing more than a simple pillow.

Bad smell sensor

If you have an appointment, event or meeting, F can become your best ally.

Odor Checker can become a rare invention that will succeed among audiences who hate unbearable odors. Another of its functions is the use in the personal field since this can analyze our body odor and detect if this is adequate or not. Its analysis is produced in a range of levels from 1 to 10, with 0 being the cleanest, 1 to 4 smell bearable and 5 to 10 showers or deodorant recommendations. For users who want to know more about this device, it should be noted that its price is around $ 100 and is currently being marketed