Online Pages for Unzipping Files

On many occasions we have made the occasional download that has generated a compressed file in ZIP or RAR format. These types of files are easy to unzip on our computer or mobile devices. It should be noted that there are situations in which we do not have the option to perform an automatic decompression.

In addition, we can use certain online pages that fulfill this function. The only problem is that once the user uploads the file to these pages, it totally depends on their privacy policy regarding the treatment of private information. Among the most recommended web pages are the following.


CloudConvert It is a website specialized in converting files in different formats, among which is the decompression of ZIP and RAR files. It should be noted that it is these files that require a couple of steps to achieve complete extraction. First, the user must upload their file and choose the format in the option ‘choose Extract’. In addition, after this election, you will only have to click on ‘Start Conversion’ and wait for the process to finish successfully.

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Archive Extractor

This website specializes specifically in all types of extraction of compressed files regardless of their source support. These include: 7z, zipx, rar, tar, exe, dmg, iso, zip, msi, nrg, gz, cab, bz2, wim, ace and 54 more. The user who intends to unzip a file will only have to upload it and wait for this process to complete. In addition, this page does not turn out to be very friendly to ZIP and RAR files that have a password that makes it difficult to decompress.

Zip Extractor

The difference of Zip Extractor with the previous pages is that it only offers the user the display of compressed files from the Drive. Moreover, to decompress the file, the user will have to access Driver and select the option ‘Open with> Zip Extractor’. In addition, this page may not appear in the list of applications to open the file, so the user must add it using the ‘Connect more applications’ preference.


This tool turns out to be one of the most common platforms among users and which is normally used as a storage method, it also has this function. Specifically, this application has a factory support to decompress these types of files. It should be noted that the user must only upload the ZIP or RAR file and once the process is finished select the files you want to download.

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The EzyZip platform is one of the many alternatives that users can use to decompress their files. Among the formats with which it is compatible are: ZIP, RAR, TAR, TAR.GZ and TGZ. It should be noted that it is a fairly small range of formats, but its functionality turns out to meet expectations. It should be noted that EzyZip has a particularity, since it performs decompression in your own browser, so the user does not have to upload their files to the web.

Zip, UnZip Online

With a somewhat basic and careless look, the Zip page, UnZip Online also has a file decompression function. It should be noted that this is another one of the few pages that performs the decompression locally on the user’s device, which gives greater privacy. In addition, it also allows the user to create compressed files, but is only compatible with ZIP and RAR formats.


Files2Zip is another page that users can use to decompress files. It should be noted that it turns out to be a very simple and intuitive tool, which makes the task easier for the user. Files2Zip also performs the download locally in the user’s browser after decompressing the file. The only problem on this page is that it only supports ZIP formats and cannot decompress files with a password. In addition, it also allows the user the ability to create their own compressed files.