Can You Track Facebook Profile Visitors?

Nowadays, creating an account on any social network is something that everyone knows how to do, but many questions arise among users who seek to better understand social networks. One of them is, without a doubt, whether there is the possibility to see who has visited our Facebook profile. For this purpose, there are many apps and softwares that try to fulfill this feature so demanded by users. It should be noted that these last steps mentioned by us are not the right ones to try to figure this out. Specifically, these processes may be detrimental to the device on which they are installed.

On one hand, you should not fall into the trap of relying on a multitude of apps that require your personal data. Another aspect to consider are the softwares that requires a payment before the use, which can mean a subscription that can cause you to lose a lot of money. Also, what we should ask ourselves about this topic is: Is it really possible to know who has visited our Facebook profile? Are these programs and apps reliable? Ultimately, Facebook does not reveal this kind of information, but there is a trick to finding out which users have visited your profile recently.

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Log in to your profile from a computer

The first and almost crucial step in this operation or trick is to sign in to your profile from a computer. To do this, you must first have a computer at hand and enter your email and password on the Facebook homepage. It should be noted that the next steps can be followed from a mobile device, but this first one be done specifically from a PC.

Access the page’s source code

The next step already makes us feel like tiny hackers, but it is something very common in this kind of operation. This step is accessing the source code of our Facebook page once we’re on our profile. To do this, you should right click the page and look for the “View source code” option. On the other hand, there are other methods to do this, such as pressing the “F12” key or the “CTRL + U” key combination. After doing this, a small window with a variety of codes, letters and numbers should appear on our screen. Please note, although you won’t understand anything, it will be the basis for viewing the information of our latest visitors on our Facebook profile.

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Find the “Friendlist” in this code

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is friendlist-1024x576-1.jpg
Finding terms within large texts is a simple task, thanks to the search engine or the word analyzer.

The next step will be finding the term “Friendlist” within this long labyrinth of numbers, letters and codes. This may seem very complicated at first glance, but there is a shortcut, to do so, simultaneously press the “Ctrl + F” keys. After that, a box should appear on the screen where you can search for words within a text, then type in “frendlist” and perform a search within the source code.

You’re close, copy the code you want to reveal

All results of the term “friendlist” within the source code of our profile will be accompanied by numeric codes ending in “- 2”. If we find this series of numbers, it means that it worked. These numbers match the code from our friends’ Facebook profiles. Specifically, the number codes that appear above will be those of the users who have most recently visited our profile, but their names still need to be revealed. One of the last steps will be to copy the numbers preceding “- 2” and take it to an analyzer of this type of code on Google.

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Analyze the numerical code and find out their names

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is friend-id-number-1024x494-1.jpg

One of the surprises in this process will be finding out that there are people you didn’t expect to visit your Facebook profile. As the last step to reach our goal, you should google the following URL: + the numerical code previously copied.

Once you’ve done your search, if all goes well, it will lead us to the profile of the most recent user who visited our Facebook profile.

In short, just copy the number codes that appear first in the source code and you’ll know who has recently visited your profile on this social network.