WhatsApp: Install without Google Play Store

The WhatsApp instant messaging application is established in today’s society as an essential tool in our day to day. Within the use of this is an important factor, its installation. It should be noted that there are smart phone models with Android operating systems that do not have Google Play among their services. The most common when a user intends to start installing a new application on Android phones is to use this tool.

There are certain countries like China that do not have their services, and even the Huawei company will not include it in its new Mate 30 series. Specifically, the case of the latter company has had a certain impact, given that it was the US government itself that You have blocked this service. It should be noted that in the face of these inconveniences there are still possibilities to download the application through other services that we will discuss below.

Smartphone with Google play substitute

If the purchase of a device that does not have the integration of Google Play is made, the user must first check their phone, this is necessary to check if there is no second application store that supplants this. It should be noted that many manufacturers that work with Android make their own app stores.

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Huawei, for example, has its application platform called App Gallery, while other companies in the world such as Samsung own the Galaxy Store. It should be noted that even Xiaomi itself has Mi Market as an alternative to Google Play. This step is therefore usually the first one that the user must take before looking for other alternatives.

Variety of alternative stores

In the event that the application stores of the companies themselves do not have the application you are looking for, in this case WhatsApp, the user can use other alternative stores. Within these we can find a large number, but without a doubt the most used are the following:

• Up-To-Down. This platform created in Spain has been fighting for years to proclaim itself as a great competitor of Google Play. In its extensive catalog it has many popular applications.

• Amazon AppStore. It is basically the games and applications store created by the Amazon company.

• F-Dorid. This platform is characterized by having an open source and therefore being a free application repositories.

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• Slide-Me. It is a free and paid app store. In this, the entire catalog offered manually is usually reviewed before publication.

Download from the official website

Another alternative that the user can use is the download of WhatsApp from the application’s own website. The only inconveniences this may face are viruses, data theft and malware. It should be noted that not all popular applications have their own APK on their website, but luckily WhatsApp does incorporate this service. In addition, applications such as Facebook also have this APK system implemented, while Facebook Mesenger does not.

Download your APK via internet

If you reach this step it is because the above tips do not solve your case, but do not worry there is still one last alternative, downloading directly from the WhatsApp APK. This system may be one of the most vulnerable, since the user must find a reliable source. In addition, one of the possible failures will be to install a previously hacked or false application.

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As advice one of the best websites for this type of downloads is APKMirror. This platform has a huge catalog of applications in its different versions ready to be downloaded and installed. It should be noted that the user himself will be the one who performs the APK search with the variant of his version of Android among other features.