Megabots and its decline as a pioneer in battles between robots

There are many versions of what is the true origin of the fight between robots, but very few are really close to reality. The Megabots company, founded with the intention of making these battles a sport, is coming to an end.

It should be noted that one of the first battles he organized was in 2017 when the United States faced the powerful Japanese. In addition, this initiative was born in 2014, but lowdemand has led to its collapse.

Megabots and its Ebay auction

Oehrlein, one of the founders of this project, announced the decline of Megabots through his YouTube platform. Preposing that this business does not turn out to be as profitable as expected, Oehrlein confirms that he was drowned by the loans he asked to start his dream.

Another factor that has led Megabots to bankruptcy is the public’s own interest and commitment in this type of ‘technological sport’. Oehrlein himself confirms that currently there are not so many followers of these battles that this business is profitable. It should be noted that the first battle had an audience of 5 million spectators, but nevertheless the last one barely exceeded 25,000.

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Oehrlein has had to take action on the matter with the occasional auction, since he currently has to return a significant amount of money. Among these sales is the auction on Ebay of the robot ‘Eagle Prime’, which already has a whopping more than 85 offers that exceed $ 62,000.

Details of the ‘Eagle Prime’ robot

This robot has a but about 15 tons that have to be propelled by an LS3 V8 engine of 430 hp. Enter its measurements highlights its height, since it rubs almost five meters, specifically 4.8 m. It should be noted that this model was manufactured just two years ago, but after more than one battle behind it has scratches and dents on its chassis.

One of the inconveniences that the future winner of the auction will have to take into account will be the transfer of it. Currently the ‘Eagle Prime’, is stored in an industrial warehouse on the outskirts of the state of California, specifically in the city of Oakland. The transportation costs of this giant may reach $ 20,000 if you stay in the United States or up to 60,000 in the case of having to be sent to another country.

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According to Oehrlein himself, the purchase of the ‘Eagle Prime’ can become a unique business opportunity, since it can be used in shows. This reinvestment initiative can cause your buyer to recover the money invested in a few events. It should be noted that Oehrlein’s own YouTube channel will be the platform chosen to reveal who will be the winner of the ‘Eagle Prime’.

Meagabots bet strongly on innovation, but its initiatives were relegated to streamings shared by a few thousand people. In addition, the company tried to enhance its flight with the creation of a worldwide tournament more focused on the show than on the battles itself, but it didn’t work either.