How to Legally Get Paid-Version of Android Apps For Free

We love to download Android Apps, mainly the free-version one that we do not need to pay for the applications. However, now you can get the paid-version of the Android apps both for-free and legally. There will be some giveaway android apps that you can download for free.

The paid-version of the Apps is of course better than the free-version one.

Don’t you agree?

Some advantages of the paid-version android apps:

1. All available features can be accessed and therefore can be used.
2. It does not display any ads in the application itself.
3. Apps with in-app purchase items for free.

With the availability of the feature that we really need to use and is indeed useful for our activities, we use various attempts to get the paid-version of the apps one of which is by downloading from pirates sites. The pirated application may contain malware which is able to steal your data or even upload your photos to social media without your prior notice.

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Hence, I strongly suggest that you DO NOT download the paid-version of android apps from illegitimate websites.

5 Apps for Download Paid-Version of Android Apps for Free

Below are some ways that you can do to get the paid-version of the android apps for free and also legal:

1. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore Free

Beside its major play as online shop for selling and buying various books and other goods, Amazon also has an Appstore, which is almost like the one that Google Play Store has, where it provides various android apps. The difference is that in Amazon Appstore, there is a promo everyday that allow you to download some of the available paid-version of the android apps for free.

In order to get notification every time there is a free paid-version of the android apps promo, you can download Free App Notifier For Amazon.

Amazon Appstore is not available in the Play Store. Therefore, to download it you can go directly to the Amazon homepage.

How to protect your Android Device

You need to make sure to change the setting on your android device beforehand by checking the Unknown Source in the Security sections.

2. Giveaway of the Day (Android)

The previous Giveaway of the Day is a site that gives you free software for Windows. But now it evolves by adding the android apps to be given as well. There are some apps that will be given every day. There are more than ten paid-version apps available to be downloaded for free every day.

Giveaway Of the Day has push notifications feature that will tell us if there is a new paid-version android apps available to be downloaded for free.

3. AppGratis – Cool apps for free

Every day, AppGratis gives a promo of free download of the paid-version of android apps that is valid for 24 hours. So if you get the promo, then you need to download it immediately on the same day before the offer is expired.

AppGratis also has the push notifications feature that will display notifications of the availability of a new free apps.

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4. App of the Day – 100% Free

App of the Day is almost the same as the AppGratis, in a sense that it also gives one paid-version of the android apps every day for free and that it also valid for 24 hours. The team of the App of the Day will negotiate with the apps developer in order to get the full version apps for free.

This application is, however, only available in U.S and European Countries and maybe not available in your country. Here trick how to download app item that not available in your country.

5. AppSales. Best Apps on Sale

AppSales is an application containing collections of some android apps which still holds promo. The promo is giving discount so that you can get the apps with lower price.

The given application is not for free, but it can save you more penny.

Bottom Line

Some of the above applications will be very helpful for you to get the paid-version of the android-apps legally and of course free of charge. In addition, you can save more penny by buying the apps that are under promo.

You need to make sure to activate the push notification feature to get every notification if there is a new promo for the apps so that you won’t miss the opportunity to download the apps.

Avoid downloading the paid-version of the apps from piracy websites because the downloaded applications may contain dangerous malware that may endanger your Android data security.

Do you know other tricks to get the paid-version of the android apps legally and for free?
Don’t hesitate to share them in the comment box.