Do you want to know who sees your WhatsApp profile?

Who is not curious to know if someone looks at your WhatsApp profile picture? Surely you have someone you want to know if they care about you, or someone who has not been communicating with you for a long time and is excited to get you into your profile.

WhatsApp has become on its own merits the quintessential messaging app. Over the years it has displaced communication channels, such as the mythical SMS, completely. In addition, according to some studies, the use of WhatsApp has caused the number of calls and their duration to be gradually reduced.

As expected, WhatsApp has become the social network par excellence. It is true that the app has a more messaging-oriented approach than social networks, but it is clear that the Zuckerberg app tends to integrate more social functions. This is evidenced by the integration of states (the WhatsApp interpretation of the stories) and the new stickers.

Due to this social shift, it is understandable that the interest in knowing who visits a WhatsApp profile has increased over time. There are currently several social networks that allow you to know this information, but is it possible to know who sees your profile picture of WhatApp?

Tips and tricks for Android devices

If you open Google and do a search you will see that it yields thousands of different results; In fact, you are most likely to have reached this page by this method. If we read the content of these pages quickly we realize that they have something in common, almost all of them recommend the installation of an APK to know this data.

Know who has your mobile number

Another way to protect yourself from unexpected visits may be to know who has your mobile number in their agenda without your permission.

Thanks to one of the latest whatsapp features, we can know it. To do this, we just have to follow the following instructions. You do not need to install anything:

– Open the whatsapp app

– Tap on chats on the top right and tap on new broadcast message

– Select at least one contact you want to verify

– Tap the green button to open the broadcast chat

How to protect your Android Device

– Then write at least one “hello” and press send

– Now we will wait for some time (6-8h)

To see the results, we will enter into the information menu of the message we send, and we will consult the statistics.

We will touch Info at the top of the screen, we will verify the heading “Read” and in this way, anyone who has read your message, it is because they have your number. However, if it appears as “delivered”, it probably doesn’t have your phone.

Do not install apps that claim to offer this data

From here we advise you not to install any of those apps. WhatsApp does not provide in any way the number of visits to your profile, let alone who expands your WhatsApp photo. Therefore, we must conclude that or these apps have achieved a magical method to get WhatsApp data that the company does not provide, or directly they are a scam.

A brief analysis of the most recommended app, WhatsTracker, makes us opt for the second option. As soon as you open this app, it asks us to share content through social networks in exchange for unlocking features, something that smells really bad.

How to install WhatsApp without Google Play

Therefore, we must conclude that it is impossible to know who looks at your WhatsApp profile since the company does not allow it. Another conclusion we draw is that any app that claims to achieve it is a scam that will not waste time, or in the worst case a malicious app that will infect our Android with viruses or Trojans.