Disabling Tracking Apps

Your location, the places where you have been, what you have searched on the internet, among many other data are captured by the various devices that we handle so that companies can grant us quality advertisements, that is, that they are personalized and adapt to our preferences and needs

That is why even the web pages you visit store cookies, or information regarding your activity, and it was not until recently that it was public and the owners of those pages have been required to show you a notification about this.

However, security issues are just under development and we have realized that our privacy is not entirely secure especially when the Facebook scandal occurred.

The various modern devices always want to keep their consumers loyal, which is why options are being implemented every day to regulate our tracking information so that we can deactivate them manually.

Steps to disable tracking on Android and iOS phones

To begin, we must first have these apps that have access to tracking data and which of these really need it for proper operation.

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For example, blocking access to location to map or transport service applications such as Google Maps or Uber would basically make these applications not fulfill their purpose, but others such as games, some social networks, among others, do not need to know where You are in every moment.

That said, we can start blocking the location permissions of the applications that you have installed as follows:

Restrict general tracking on Android

1. Go to Settings or Settings

2. Press the Location option

3. Disable the option “Disable” (location)

Or go to the shortcut menu and disable the “location” icon if it is activated.

Remember that according to each model the names may vary, for example:

In models before Android, after going to Settings or Configuration, you must access the “Location” option, in Google Pixel 3 it is called “Security and Location”, in Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus it is “Connections”, among others.

However, this deactivates your tracking in a general way, so all applications will be affected and you must enable it when you open an application that needs its use.

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In addition, although it is the fastest and easiest way, this could be an inconvenience if your phone is lost and you need to track it, or share your location with a contact quickly, etc.

Restrict tracking in some applications on Android

If you want to make this configuration in a personalized way only for certain applications, then you must follow these steps:

1. Access Settings or Configuration

2. Click on Applications and Notifications

3. Click on Advanced and then Apps Permissions

4. Finally access Location to deactivate.

Unfortunately for older Android models, the option to manually configure application permissions is not available, so you have to use the general location lock.

Restrict tracking on Apple iOS

In iOS the process is very similar, because you can do it in general by deactivating the location of your iPhone or manually configure it for some applications.

1. Configuration

2. Go to Privacy

3. Enter Location Services

Also this also affects applications in a general way such as Find My iPhone, Maps, among others.

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How to delete my location information that is already stored on my phone?

If you have already blocked access to your phone’s location data, you will surely ask yourself, what will happen to the information that has already been stored by the applications?

In both Android and iPhone you can delete all the location information by following these steps:


1. Access Settings or Settings

2. Go to Accounts and select your Google account

3. Select the option Manage your Google account

4. Once directed, move to the Data and personalization tab

5. In the Location history option, uncheck the box.


1. Configuration

2. Go to Privacy

3. Enter Location Services

4. At the end touch on Clear History

And voila, with this you can navigate with complete freedom on your devices safely and without being tracked.