Board games to have a good time as a couple

In the face of new technologies, that memory of board games and all the debates that this can generate always arise. Cold winter afternoons as a family go faster if we are entertained and for this, the best hobbies are usually board games. It should be noted that these usually cause certain anger among the participants, such as in the classic Parcheesi and the death of the players’ chips.

There are also certain versions of games for those who prefer to play only as a couple. In addition, these specific types of board games are designed to achieve a balance between the couples themselves. For all this, we will recommend a few board games that can be played by two people and can even guarantee tension during its course.


There are several editions of ‘Dobble’, as special collaborations with the Star Wars saga.

The board game, ‘Dobble’ is designed to play with several people, but as a couple, it turns out to be chaos to get the opponent chopped. The main objective of this is simple, to find two symbols that match each other in two different cards. It should be noted that the time between each game usually varies until players find that match. In addition, the number of players can vary from 2 to 8 and the difficulty is classified as simple.

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Monopoly Deal

We can say that we are seeing the version of the classic ‘Monopoly’, but this time in a pocket edition with modifications. Specifically, this edition is played only and exclusively with cards. The main objective of this game is to control only three properties, so the first player to get it will be the winner of the game. It should be noted that this modification of the classic ‘Monopoly’ was created because of the endless duration of this board game.


This board game designed by Michael Kiesling is designed for a maximum of four players, but its best version is that of 1 Vs. 1, that is, in pairs. Its objective is simple, it turns out that the players become tile manufacturers of King Manuel I of Portugal and must decorate his palace in Évora.

‘Blue’ is a board game with a duration of 15-20 minutes per game.

On the one hand, the suppliers of tiles located in the center of the board will be crucial to fill in the cards of the players. The surprise factor is that these suppliers replenish their random stuff taken blindly from a cloth bag. In short, to understand the dynamics it is advisable to read the instructions since the strategy is crucial during its development.

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Designed for two players ‘Abalone’ bases its main objective on the strategy. Specifically, each player must control colored marbles located in a hexagonal panel. Regarding its operation, it should be noted that this board has 61 holes and each player has 14 marbles.

A strategic point is to keep the marbles in the center of the board.

On the other hand, the player that has the black marbles always starts the game. In addition, there is only one movement per person, so the player can move one ball in line or perpendicularly. The dynamics and rules of the game are somewhat complex to understand when starting, but the purpose is to expel 6 marbles from the opponent of the board.

Twilight Struggle

With a war-based setting, ‘Twilight Struggle’ ensures discussion between players.

This board game based on a theme or setting of the cold war is ideal to feel a real battle for survival. ‘Twilight Struggle’, has an inconvenience, its duration, since it can exceed three hours. Despite this, it should be noted that the duration of the game might transmit to the player’s real events that occurred in World War II and even the fall of the Berlin wall. The main objective of this game will be to get allies and revenues as the powers of that time.

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The dynamics of this board game, ‘Tuareg’, is that players adopt the role of rival clan chiefs with each other who try to control the salt, pepper or date trades through deals. Specifically, this game is the invention of Andreas Steiger and was published by Kosmos for its launch on the German market in 2012 under the name of ‘Targi’. On the one hand, it should be noted that ‘Tuareg’ was designed for two players and it is recommended for people older than 12 years old. In addition, the duration of games is usually one hour and its market price is around 22 euros.

Predator: Game Hunt

This board game includes several modes in which players are involved.

“Predator: Game Hunt” is based on the John McTiernan Predator movie in 1987. It is a board game in which players must use dice and cards during their course. It should be noted that the pieces will be put in the shoes of a group of Predators who begin their sacred competition in the jungle. Specifically, they must hunt human soldiers in this setting, so they must choose the ones they will use to neutralize their prey. Inside, the user will find 25 dice, 90 game cards, a rigid predator that saves the dice and the instruction book. In addition, this board game can be played by four people, the games usually last between 45 minutes and one hour and its price is around 40 euros.