Blocking Facebook on Computer Without Software

You should block facebook on your windows PC now! Why?

If you spend more than 2 hours/day using your facebook account, whether on your PC and your smart-phone, this may be a symptom that you are addicted to facebook, which is not really good if we can’t say it is bad. reveals that, in average, American people spend a minimum of 40 minutes to surf and have other activities on their facebook accounts.

Facebook Addiction

Do you know that Facebook addiction will drop not less than 50% of your productivity rate in doing work or other important activities? In addition, for children in the school-age to spend more time on facebook means less time for studying and doing their homeworks.

How much are you addicted to facebook? On what level is your facebook addictionlevel? Is it 0-5, 6-10, 11-20, or even more than 21?

If you have fallen into a facebook addict category, then it is time for you to block your facebook access from now on, at least to reduce your addiction level.

Facebook Threats for Children

Besides having the possibility of dropping employees productivity rate at work, facebook also poses threats for children.

Despite facebook puts limitation on minimum age upon registration, a minimum of 17 years of age, to be able to register yet without further verification children still can fake their date of birth to fulfill facebook registration requirement.

Advice for Facebook Team: Facebook needs to think of and develop a feature to make sure and to verify that the date of birth given upon registration is not bogus thus children who are under legal age of 17 may not join and register on Facebook.

Some of threats for children posed by the excessive use of Facebook are:

  1. Child Abuse
  2. Children trafficking
  3. Child Cyber-Bullying
  4. Crude Language
  5. Adult explicit content such as language, photos and videos.

Those threats cause negative effect for children both mentally and may impair their thought and idea creation.

In addition, some children really like to use the facebook games features, which evidently may cause them to be indolent of studying and choose to have more time to play games on facebook.

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With the threats of facebook addiction and negative impact on children, as parents or teachers you may concern about the children safety. As precaution, facebook blockading on your computer needs to be done, or you may also supervise your children activity on their smart-phone with software spy.

Smart Ways of Using Facebook:

Despite some negative effects and threats posed by facebook, there are of course still many positive effects that you can get if you use facebook wisely.

Here are some smart ways of using facebook:

  1. Put limit on your maximum time of using facebook in a day. Two hours per day seems to be adequate.
  2. Make friends only with the person you have already known.
  3. Before accepting any friend requests, check their profile in advance.
  4. Do not post and upload all of your everyday activities on Facebook.

How to Block Facebook on Your Windows-based PC with Hosts File

One of the easy ways blocking facebook in windows-based PC without any help of software needed is by adding codes to the Hosts File.

What is Hosts File?

The hosts file is a computer file used by an operating system to map hostnames to IP addresses.

For Windows OS, these files are located in %SystemRoot%system32driversetchosts

Blocking Facebook with Hosts File

To be able to edit the hosts file you need to have Administrator rights in windows.Here’s how.

  1. Open Notepad as Administrator. From Start menu → type “notepad” (without parentheses) on the searching form. Then Right-Click on the notepadand choose Run as Administrator. Notepad Run as administrator
  2. Open Hosts File. After the Notepad is running click File → Open File → C:WindowsSystem32driversetc → ( All Files) → Choose hosts and click Open.

Notepad Open Hosts File

  1. Code for Block Facebook. Copy and Paste the codes below in the Hosts File, then save them. # Facebook If you do not do the blocking on IPv6, then facebook can still be accessed with the use of prefix https:// The Code Explanation: When we type URL (Universal Resource Locator) on the browser’s address bar like:, then the system will check whether the site has already got its IP address defined in the hosts file. Apparently, the IP address of Facebook is or commonly called the localhost. It means that the system will not load Facebook from its original IP address, rather just show a blank page of the localhost IP address. These codes may also be used on different operating systems like Mac and Linux.
  2. Restart your computer.Now try to open on all your internet browser, and now facebook has been blocked.
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Blocking with Hosts File: The Pros and Cons


    1. Easy to Use and Practical. You don’t need to install any software that may overload your windows performance. All you have to do is just edit the codes in notepad.
    2. Blocking on all browser. You don’t have to install the Mozilla® Firefox Add-Ons or Google® Chrome extension which also may consume your RAM usage.
    3. Blocking various websites. Beside can be used to block facebook, you can also block other websites, such as sites with adult content or sites which promotes gambling. Just add “ URL of the sites” without https://.


The File Hosts can be easily edited if someone has administrator right on the computer.

This, however, can be solved by making two users on the computer, Administrator and User. Give the access right as user for your employees or your children so that they will not be able to edit the hosts files.


Using the facebook wisely and then you can gain benefit from it, such as as communication media and also build good relationships with relatives, friends, and colleagues. Nonetheless, if you spend more time on Facebook, this may well be an indication that you are addicted to Facebook.

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Facebook addiction can cause the productivity rate of your employees to drop. It also poses threats for the children. So, one of the many ways of preventing the addiction and protecting your children from the cyber-crime is by blocking access to Facebook.

The easiest way to block facebook access is by using the hosts files. It is easier and simpler since it does not use any additional softwares, especially for windows beginners.

Are you a facebook addict?

Do you have other tips to prevent anyone from having facebook addiction?

Please, feel free to share in comment.