Top Smart Weather Stations

When we talk about weather stations we usually associate them to those places where measurements and observations are made with different instruments, but once again technology advances by leaps and bounds and these devices are already available for domestic use. These domestic stations, serve to indicate to consumers with total precision and at all times how is the environment both internal and external to their home. In addition, these smart devices currently have even their specific version for mobile devices.

Keys to keep in mind

There are two variables of domestic weather stations at present, on the one hand, there are those that traditionally require USB sockets or internet connection and a computer to dump all the data, while on the other hand there are also the known ‘smart’ stations . The latter in particular differ from the previous ones by the simple fact that they have the characteristic of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, with which they send the data obtained to the application of our mobile device.

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It should be noted that some models have the ability to link with almost all voice assistants in the market, such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, so we can also keep our domestic weather station domotized. In addition, we have to be aware that choosing a model appropriate to our needs requires a little time, so first we must know what we want to measure exactly.

Currently the market has a wide range of variables, but there are models that restrict its measurements to only temperature, humidity and pressure, so if we want to obtain measurements of any specific aspect we can install other sensors that provide us with that data. In addition, before buying a device with these characteristics it is advisable to check which sensors it integrates and if there is the possibility of expanding them with additional ones.

Among the factors to which we must pay attention is durability, since the weather station we obtain must resist any atmospheric situation. Another aspect to consider is the transmission distance, so we must realize the range of action of the device, since there are models from 30 meters to 100 meters range. Finally, a rather specific extra is the availability of alarm integrated in the device, since we can configure our station to receive a notification if any parameter is triggered.

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What is the best weather station model

Undoubtedly the models that are sweeping in terms of sales in Spain are the Froggit WH3000 and Froggit WH3500. These devices have a very important factor, their price, and they can be found in the market for no more than € 140. With regard to its characteristics, you can also save with cheap gas stations and sit should be noted that the Froggit range offers complete measurements of outdoor temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, UV index and even wind speed and direction. In addition, it has the integration of a full-color panel that transmits the information received via Wi-Fi to any Android or iOS device.

If what we are really looking for is a minimalist station that does not attract much attention, the best choice will be the Netatmo model. This device lacks the possibility of control by means of an integrated screen in the house, so to consult the collected data we must enter the Netatmo website itself. Moreover, it has the ability to measure air quality or noise level. As regards the price, we can get it for about € 160.

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The model that has been released recently is the Waldbeck Halley, which has a sensor very similar to the Froggit WH3500 model. This station also lacks a screen, so the recorded data is transmitted directly to the router of the house and can be viewed by the consumer in the App itself of the device or through Wunderground. Its price is around € 170.

Finally, if what we are looking for is a basic and economical weather station, our best choice will be the Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor. This device of the Xiaomi company is characterized by a simple and minimalist design that limits its measurements to only temperature and humidity, hence its price does not exceed € 13.