Maximizing Your GoPro: Top Tips.

As with most technological advances, cameras and resources that serve as a method of image and video capture live in constant evolution. Specifically, action cameras are considered as one of the devices with the highest demand today, this is due to their low weight and the features it has.

The company ‘GoPro’, more than consolidated in the sector of action cameras, is one of the brands most demanded by users. It should be noted that one of the strongest points with respect to its competitors, is that it is one of this type of device that has a great image stabilization.

The weather will become your ally

The great variability of weather conditions that we can face when going out with our GoPro can be infinite. Among these can be highlighted aspects such as lighting or others, such as rainy scenarios or adverse conditions. The most advisable is to study the location where we are going to make the recording and the weather conditions we will meet.

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One of the most practical examples is not to focus directly on the light source if the stage already has too much light. Although on certain occasions these, unforeseen events can benefit our shots, since a foggy day can give an unexpected touch to our shots.

Play with shot variability

The creativity of the user is one of the fundamental aspects when it comes to getting recordings full of shots that break with traditional schemes. One of the outstanding features of GoPro is the large number of angles it can generate, including high-angle and Low-angle shots.

To reach some extravagant angles to the spectator’s view, it is possible to interact with some of the GoPro range of accessories. It should be noted that this action camera has a large catalog, but one of the most used is undoubtedly the extendable monopod.

Perform a movement test

One of the fundamental aspects the user must consider before a recording is making a previous test. It should be noted that the most sensible thing is to know how to make the camera movements that we are going to use in the shot.

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In this situation, the most advisable thing is to carry out a previous tour that will delay a few more minutes the recording session. In short, having an advance planning can be the key point to achieve a great finish.

Record multiple sequences

It is very difficult to get a perfect recording in a single shot, so having several shots of the sequence from different angles is the best solution. For all this, it is advisable to record sequences prior to the preparation of the main shot, to be able to use them as a complement resource in the edition. In addition, after the main shot, it is also advisable to have recordings that show the after activity.