15 Lesser-Known Features of the Apple Watch

Many customers of Apple are increasingly choosing to acquire the revolutionary smartwatches, which are commercially known as `Apple Watch’. Should be noted that these devices have several functions and tricks that can maximize their performance.

These tips can be used for users without any experience in Apple Watch or users with some experience with these devices. Also there are some functions that are not well known among the Apple community, so if you want to know this trick this you must read this article.

1. Force a restart on Apple Watch

Sometimes smart devices can get hung by different causes. Is important to know how to force a restart in this device. For the normal restart you should just press the size bottom in the watch until appears the option of restart. However, if this still don’t work and your device refuse to reset you should follow this: press the side Butten+ crown of the device for 10 seconds.

2. IPhone remote control for photos

There are many moments in which we wanted to take a picture with our IPhone but the main problem is we don’t have how to shoot our phone from faraway. However, if you have an Apple watch this problem now is in the pass, you only have to enter the camera application of your watch.

After pressing the actuator button with a camera icon and a down arrow, the IPhone camera will turn on. After this you can see on the screen what happening live on your camera, so you can a remote control for your camera.

3. Do not look at the GPS, be guided by vibrations.

As a tool to avoid possible accidents, Apple created a vibration language system. it should be noted that this system may be used by users to avoid looking at the GPS. According to the pattern of vibration or their intensities you can know which direction you should take.

Turn left: three vibration with two vibration steps will occur: tap – tap // tap – tap // tap – tap.

Turn right: 12 constant touches will be produced: tap – tap – tap – tap – tap – tap – tap – tap – tap – tap – tap – tap.

• Arrival at the destination: there will be a single long vibration: taaaaaaaaap.

4. Change the appearance of applications.

It is common for the design of application in the main menu of the Apple Watch to be in form of bubbles or similar to a honeycomb. This can be modified by following a few simple steps. The first step will be to open the preview of apps and perform that is known as ‘Force Touch’, that is, interact with the press of the touch on the screen. After this fist step, a submenu will emerge with which you can change this way to view of the applications listed.

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5. Hide third-party applications

As we indicated in the previous function, it is normal for Apple Watch to show the application in bubble form. So if what you want is not to modify the design of these, but to get rid of the ones you don’t use, you can do it. However, some of these applications will be impossible to uninstall, so the only thing you can get is to hide them, for this you most follow the this steps.

  1. Enter the Watch application on your IPhone
  2. Go to the `My watch’ section, once in it go to the applications section installed on the Apple Watch to find those installed to third parties
  3. Once these applications are found you must click on the one you want to hide.
  4. Finally, you must deactivate the ` Show on Apple Watch’ option, so this type of applications will not appear on the initial screen

6. pass a call to hold

At the moment when the users receives a call to their IPhone, the apple watch also send a vibration to tell you that someone is calling you. You can answer with you phone but also you have the option to redirect the call to your phone.

In addition, when choosing this the user will put the call on hold until it is picked up on the screen of the mobile device. The person making the call will know at all the time that you have put the call on hold.

7. training that consume less battery.

If you consider yourself a very active athlete or person who practices a lot of sport throughout the day, will like to know that this activity consumes a lot of the battery from our Apple Watch. It should be noted that in the face of this loss there is a function that can help your safe some energy.

A battery saving mode that will keep the screen off while you are doing physical activity. Also, Apple Watch will continue to record all your training, but keep the autonomy it sent to the screen to keep it off during the course of the training. To activate it you will only have to follow this few steps. Enter the watch application on your iPhone.

When you are already inside the app, look for `My Watch’, once you have opened this function you must choose the general option.
when entering the general option, you only have to activate the `Save battery when training’ mode.

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8. share your location.

This function is only available in the app iMessage of the Apple Watch. You should know that this function will share your exact location to your contact. Activating this function is very easy.

The user must press hard on the screen to activate the ` Force Touch’ of the device. After this, and extra many will be displayed, in which you can choose between sharing your location, selection a language or viewing the contact information.

9. Send drawing using iMessage.

iMessage has a function to send drawings to our contacts. Its functionality is to explain any situation to a friend in a more illustrated way. The user can access to this option in few steps.

  • Choose the chat you want to send a drawing to.
  • Press the heart icon with the help of two fingers
  • Now you can draw what you prefer and send it, it should be noted that the sender will see this as a gif.
  • To change color, you just have to select the point the is on the right side and on the top. Finally, remember that iMessager is only free if your friend also has an iPhone.

10. use dictated text or audio.

Within the iMessage app you also have the possibility to send messages with different options. Such as the use of dictated texts or even that the dictated text is send as an audio. In addition, changing to this preference is simple, since you only have to press ` Dictation messages’ and choose the function of sending as an audio.

11. Create custom responses for iMessages.

We always receive messages that we are lazy to answer or in the moment we can’t respond, which is why there are a series of predetermined responses on Apple Watch.

When you receive a message to the watch, you can decide whether to answer by means of a dictated message or a default response. In addition, the user can also customize their own responses for both iMessafe and email.

  • You have to go to `My Watch’ and choose the preference of `Messages’
  • After choosing this, the next step will be to click on `Reponses by default’
  • After selecting this option, you can decide whether to add new and personalized answers in ` Add response’
  • Finally, you will only have to write the answer you want to save in order to use it at some time from your Apple Watch
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12. Clock shape, but with flashlight

We have all been in situation of maximum darkness in which we would have given everything for a flashlight. Apple has also thought about these situations, so now our Apple Watch can become a flashlight. Also, have differences types of lighting and you an active this feature following this steps:

  • Fist you will have to swipe from the bottom up on the screen of your Apple Watch
  • After this step, the device control center will be displayed on the screen
  • Once you are immersed in this many you will only have to look for the flashlight icon
  • After pressing this, you can decide on the lighting you require being able to use it from a white background, to a possible flickering or even red background.
  • To avoid any kind of problems, you can also press the screen to project a beam of white light at maximum power.

13.  Sometimes we forget completely disconnect the sound of our devices or notifications and …

Well, now this problem can be preventing with a simple gesture, cover the screen of our Apple Watch with our hand. Also, if this gesture the sound of notifications occurs in 3 alerts will be disabled automatically.

  • As a first step you will have to access the stings of you Apple Watch.
  • After entering this option, you must choose the option `Sound and Vibration’
  • Once this option only has to make sure to keep the preference of ‘Cover to silence` on.

14. Activate screenshots

Screenshot, is one of the most performed gestures by users of iPhone. Note that this feature was almost completely unknown in Apple Watch, but currently that is also implanted in your watch remains disabled. Moreover, if you want to access to this option you only have to press the side button while the crown to capture your screen on.

  • To activate this option, you will have to access the `My Watch’ section of your Apple Watch and select the `General’ option.
  • Within these, you only have to select the `activate screen shots’ preference.
  • After activating this preference, you must finally activate it in the `capture’ options.

15.Avoid repetition of alarms

On occasion you have been suffered massive repetition loop alarms before not even get out of the bed. It should be noted that this nuisance for some of Apple’s most adept clients can be deactivated by simple steps.

  • First go to the alarm settings within your Apple Watch.
  • After clicking on this setting you just have to deactivate the `Postpone’ option and you are done