Read deleted messages from Whatsapp

The human being is curious by nature. We for nature want to know what is hiding from us.  And that happen everyday. Who doesn’t  die of curiosity when reads  “message deleted” in WhatsApp?

The functionality of deleting message from WhatsApp sure has safe a lot of friendships. Is pretty normal when you have multipole conversation at the time and by accident you send the wrong message to the wrong person. In general those accidents are harmless but sometimes are not.

Couple of years ago. By the big amount of users demanding this option in the APP. WhatsApp decided to include this function to his APP. To do that you have to press the message that you what to delete and after a moment the option will appear. You can delete any message you want if a period of time. After that it will be impossible to delete the message

How to recover deleted message from WhatsApp?

To understand how to recover deleted message from WhatsApp, we must understand how this APP works. When you send a massage, it goes first through the WhatsApp server and then it goes to the receiver. This means that if the person has WhatsApp open. Its most probably that your friend has already read your message and its not point to deleted.

Every time you get a new message, this is previewed in the notification bar. Therefore, it does not matter if you deleted a massage that has already appeared for a moment in the notification bar.

How the apps recover those deleted messages is using that notification to make a safe copy of it and save it in their own memory.

In official stores  like google play, they have couple of APPs that helps you to recover those messages. Overall the APPs that we had try, the one that its works pretty well is WAMR. This app, has a minimalistic design that helps it use. Another advantage that we found in this app was the few permissions it required to work.

Just access to the notifications and multimedia files, the last one is cause also you can recover photos or videos that has been deleted, just remember to has the auto download of multimedia files, otherwise will not work.