How to know if someone has you blocked on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the leading messaging app and virtually everyone has an account. And something that worries us especially is if they block us. That is why today we will tell you how to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, the definitive trick that will help you clear this mystery and find out.

Do you have me locked in WhatsApp? find it out

Here are some clues that could indicate that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp:

You don’t see the profile picture

It may happen that someone has no photo. But it is quite strange. So if you don’t see a person’s WhatsApp profile picture, it could be because it blocked you. It could also be because he has lost his contacts and he no longer has you on the agenda, so you cannot see it (as long as you have decided in the privacy settings of the application).

You don’t see the state

Another clear indication that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, is that you cannot see its status. The same can happen as for the previous case; It could be that I no longer had you on the agenda for some reason.

Is never online

It is rare that a person does not have a photo and has no status, but it is even rarer that he is never online. If you never see it connected, or do not use WhatsApp or it has directly blocked you.

You cannot see the last connection time

This is a bit of a half hint, since in privacy settings many people have it disabled. So if you deactivate it, nobody will be able to see the last hour you are connecting to, but you will not be able to see that of others. Still, if others see it and you don’t, it’s that it has blocked you.

Does not receive messages

When the person to whom you send a message does not receive it (a check comes out), it can be due to several reasons. One of them is that it does not have WhatsApp linked to that phone or deleted it. Or it could also happen that I had blocked you and that is why it cannot receive the messages that you send it.

You cannot make voice calls

This function practically confirms what we tell you: that you have been blocked on WhatsApp. Because if you open that person’s chat and instead of sending him a message you want to make a voice call and he won’t let you make it, the contact has blocked you. It could also happen that you have stopped using the application.

You cannot add to a group

This other functionality also makes one think; because if you have no way to get in touch with that person and he doesn’t even let you add them to a group, chances are he has definitely blocked you. You should get a message stating that you do not have permissions or authorization to add that person to the group; So this would end up confirming.

That easy you can know if they have you locked in WhatsApp!