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Speed Up you Mac performance with 1-Click Fix tools Macbooster 7.

50% + 25% Off MacBooster 7 Standard (3 Macs with Gift Pack)
– Lifetime license
– Full system clean and boost
– Malware and Virus protection
– Mac Tweaks Guide eBook
Normal Price: $109.95 $59.95
Buy Now! $44.96

How to Speed up your Mac?

Macbooster 4

The best way to speed up your Mac is by upgrading the hardware, such as adding the RAM, changing the processor(s) to a better one, and using SSD as it has higher speed for transfer rate.

However, it costs you a fortune to buy those hardware parts.

Hardware Price Table

1. 8.0GB PC3-12800 SO-DIMM 204 Pin w/Lifetime Warranty= $91.99
2. 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display = selisihharga2.6 Ghz vs 2.8 Ghz = $300
3. Solid State Drives = Seagate SSD+HDD 500GB to 1.0TB from $69.99

If you sum up the price above, for upgrading your Mac, it will cost you about $471.98.

It’s quite a drag, isn’t it?

Price References:

Macbooster 5: Upgrading Hardware Alternative

Hence, and not upgrading your hardware the simpler, easier and cheaper way to speed up your Mac is by purchasing the Macbooster 5 Standard for $60, can be used for 3 different Macs. In other words, you will only need to pay $20 for each Mac. That way, you can save of up to $400.

Macbooster 5 is Advanced SystemCare PRO for Mac version.

How can MacBooster improve your Mac performance?

1. Giving Bigger Free Space of your Mac Memory (RAM)

Mac RAM Memory

The purpose of adding bigger capacity RAM, or perhaps just adding new RAM chipset with the same capacity, is for getting more space of RAM for your system to work with. With the help of The Macbooster you can also give more amount of usable space of your RAM with a few features that it has, such as:

– Performance Boost and Clean Memory

When a Mac runs certain application, it will use some part of memory available of your RAM. When you minimize and do not close the application Mac will keep it running and save it in cache file(s). The more applications you open, the more RAM capacity used. This will make your Mac operates slower.
Thus, Macbooster Performance Boost and Clean Memory will work cleaning the cache and release inactive RAM in order to give unused memory space of your RAM so that it can be used for other applications.

– Startup Optimization.

You need to decide and to choose what applications need to be run automatically by the system when the Mac is turned on. This is important because the automatically run applications on the startup that actually not needed will still consume the memory of your RAM yet you get no beneficial at all of it.

By disabling some startup programs will thus make your Mac runs faster.

2. Giving More Free Space on your Hard Drive

Do you know that a too full hard drive will slow your Mac while operating? Think of it as a road that is full of cars. What will happen? It will cause Traffic jam, and make the cars unable to go fast.
The same way goes with your hard drive. If it is not much free space left, this will cause the data transfer to go slower than it used to be.

Macbooster can help you to give more free space on your hard drive by using features, as follows:

1. System Cleanup. This is used for cleaning and deleting junk files like Application Junk Files, System Cache Files, System Log Files, Broken Login Items, Mail Attachments, Shortcuts Cleaning, Leftovers, Language Files, Trash Cleaning up, Universal Binaries, iOS Photo Cache, iOS Software Update and User Downloads.

2. Uninstaller. It deletes unused applications as well as helps improving your Mac performance. The Macbooster 7 Uninstaller will delete the applications as well as its hidden parts completely and thoroughly.

3. Duplicate Finder. Duplicate Files can also be the cause of a full hard drive. Macbooster 7 has the ability to find and match the duplicate file(s) that available in your Mac.

4. Large Files Cleaner. Large size files like movies and other video files will also cause your hard drive to be full soon enough. You can transfer them to your external hard drive or burning them onto CD/DVD so that your Mac hard drive can gain more free space.

The Macbooster 7 will scan entire contents of your hard drive and then display them sorted out according to its size. This will help you to see which file is quite space-consuming and thus need to be transferred to your external hard drive or even can be deleted.

5. Photo Sweeper. The Macbooster is also capable of searching and comparing the same photos or duplicate photos available on your Mac as well as the ones available on any external device (if plugged on).

Furthermore, the Macbooster is also equipped with security center which functions as a protection of your Mac towards available threats like viruses, malware and malicious cookies.


Upon testing and review MacBooster features, it can honestly be said that the improvement of the performance using Macbooster 7 compared is not as much as that by upgrading the hardware.

Thus, if you have extra money, I strongly suggest you to upgrade your hardware at least upgrading the RAM and SSD hard drive.

However, if you want to improve your Mac performance to better than it used to be with limited resources, than you can use the cheaper way, that is, using the Macbooster 7.