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Want to keep track of what your children or your employees have been doing?

Having suspicion on your spouse?

Try to ‘spy’ them using mSpy, the best spying software, with more features available and cheaper price using mSpy coupon code. You can see where your children are right now and have no reason to worry about them.

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There are 2 subscription packages to choose for mSpy, namely basic and premium. I suggest you to choose the premium package since it has more complete features.

The basic feature does not support:

  • Geo-Fencing
  • Keylogger
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Apps & Websites Blocking
  • Incoming Call Blocking
  • Remote Device Lock or Wipe
  • Snapchat
  • IM chats: WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, iMessage*, the largest social network. The world’s #1 monitoring solution!

mSpy (My Spy) is a small application for mobile peep produced by Bitex Group LTD. mSpy App main function is to see all the activities done on a mobile phone. According to our mSpy review, we can say that mSpy is 100% working, both discreet and cannot be detected by the mobile phone users.

After installation, this application runs in the background and cannot be detected by the mobile phone’s user. Activities such as SMS, internet browsing, phone calls, even the GPS location of the user will be recorded and will be sent to the mSpy  Control Panel.

My Spy (mSpy) was designed for monitoring your children, employees, and also spouses. You are also required to tell the user on the phone that they are being monitored (for privacy concern).

Who do you need to Monitoring?

mSpy is a must-have app if you love your child, girl/boy friend or you are a good manager.

  • The children [fn id=”1″], if you (parents) must concern with what the children have been doing with their Smartphones. For example, look at some websites that are harmful and not good for them.
  • Employees, if you are a manager. You need to install this mSpy if your employees often play truant with any improper reasoning. With mSpy, you can check the location of your workers, whether he/she is lying or not.
  • Boy/Girl friend, if you start suspecting that your spouse is cheating. I think this app is perfect to put on your boy/girl friend’s phone to see if there are any suspicious incoming SMS or any incoming/outgoing calls.

How does mSpy App Works?

Step 1. Purcasing. First of all, you need to purchase mSpy. Use the coupon to get the discounts. Make sure you use the correct name and email address, as later instructions on how to install and application’s license will be sent to this email.

Step 2. Downloading. Upon payment, you will get the download link for mSpy applications that you should install on the mobile phone that will be monitored.

Step 3. Installing. Upon payment, you will get the download link for mSpy applications that you should install on the mobile phone that will be monitored.

Key Features of mSpy App:

  • Protect and supervise children and your family from the dangers online and offline.
  • Tracking the GPS locations.
  • Restrict and close any access to any applications and malicious websites.
  • Inspecting both incoming and outgoing text-messages and phone calls.
  • Monitor your employee activities so that they can be more productive.
  • Lock and delete your data if your phone is lost or stolen.