This Item Isn’t Available in Your Country: Google Play Store

Sometimes you deal with this: “This Item Isn’t Available In Your Country” the android apps that you want to download turn out to be not available in your country. Some android apps intentionally set to be distributed in certain
permitted countries. So, how to download the android apps?

BOOM! When I want to install apps from google play store, but not the INSTALL button that appears instead a warning that reads This Item Isn’t Available In Your Country.

So, How To Fix Download Android App which is not Available in Your Country from Play Store?

Some android apps intentionally set to be distributed in certain permitted countries.

How To Download Android App which is not Available in Your Country from Play Store

Bypass Google Play Store using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Since the problem is the limitation of the apps distribution only for certain countries, the solution so that we can still download the apps is by using VPN (virtual private network).

The VPN functions as tool for changing our IP address to other desired IP address. In this particular case, we need to change the IP address to the US or UK IP address.

How VPN Works

How VPN Works

By changing the IP address to an US IP address, then Google Play store will detect and assume that our Android Gadget Android is in US, and therefore allow you to access the previously restricted app.

1. Create VPN Account.


Create New Account TunnelBear (you need to register first, don’t worry it’s free)[fn id=”1″]

In this particular tutorial I use the TunnelBear App for Android. Besides that it’s free, the app also has simple user interface and therefore easy to use. In addition, it also has funny and cute animated bear.

2. Install TunnelBear App


  1. Download & Install TunnelBear VPN from Google Play Store.
  2. Open TunnelBear Android App
  3. Pick the country for the VPN server, such as United States, UK, etc.
  4. Press On, in the top section.
  5. Wait a moment, until the animated bear is displayed in your desired country and then there will be a notification telling you that the VPN is activated by TunnelBear.
Tunnelbear Android

Tunnelbear Android

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3. Clearing Cache & Force Stop the Google Play Store


  1. Open the Android Setting → Application → All Application → look for the “Google Play Store”. And push on the Google Play Store.
  2. Choose Clear Cache only, not Clear data, and then choose Force Stop.
  3. Now open the Google Play and there will be a Pop up Google Play Term of Service. Press Accept.
  4. Now you have accessed Google Play from US.
This Item Isnt Available In Your Country

NetFlix: This Item Isnt Available In Your Country

So, now you can download and install any android apps that previously not available in your country.

In addition of the functionality of accessing the Android apps which previously not available in your country, the VPN also can be used to access the blocked sites that your provider block or watching netflix.

You can also try using PIA as an TunnelBear alternative.

Bottom Line

Make sure that you only use Google Play store with VPN just for downloading free version apps and don’t use it for purchasing paid-version apps.

If you purchase using the VPN IP address that does not belong to your country, then Google will detect and assume that your account is being hacked and therefore Google or Paypal will freeze your account.

Based on my experience, the usage of VPN to access apps that previously not available for my country is perfectly safe.

Perhaps you have another ways of downloading app that is not available for your country? Please share in the comment box.

About the author: Bambang Oke, Windows User and Mac Lovers. Try to give the best tips and tricks for each of the issues surrounding the computer and gadget

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  • Murhaf Taia

    Excellent and very useful! Thx a lot

    • Hope it help you for downloading Android apps that not available on your country.

    • teng

      I follow the step but step 3. “Now open the Google Play and there will be a Pop up Google Play Term of Service. Press Accept.” did not prompt out after I clear the cache.

      • Clear cache and force stop Google Play Apps.

        • Denis

          It doesnt pop up anything after all

          • Make sure you clear the cache and click forced stop the Google Play Store app on Android settings.

          • Mike

            Same here with Samsun S6, it doesn’t pop up anything. Seems like it is still using Canada as its location.

          • make sure to clear cache and force stop Play Store App

      • Tahir

        Don’t just clear cache but instead force stop and then clear data and then open play store while VPN is running in background before you open Google play store …..

    • Rocky

      It doesn’t work I clear cache and force stop and nothing pop up. Help!

      • try to Clear data

        • yuki

          It does not work, I cleared the cache, data, and did all you did and still didnt work at all :/ need help plz

  • Dan

    Did not work, Motorola XT 1095. Tried everything. Maybe Google changed the way the Play Store works to make sure. It may be the SIM inside the phone, that’s telling it that it’s not in the US.

  • Jake1702

    NEVER use tunnelbear! It just says “Connecting” forever! I give 0.0 out of a million!

    • I have been using tunnelbear for 2 months, and everything it’s fine.

      • Prashanth

        For me it is saying connecting but its not at all getting connected

  • Jake1702

    Neither Hotspot sheild! Everytime you choose start it says cancelled!

  • COC Addicted

    Great!! its working! Bravo!

  • chi

    Thnx a lot gr ur efforts, it worked i m so happy. Good job!!

  • Erika Can

    Doesn’t work for me 🙁

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    peace out

  • Sahar

    Dear Indonesian friend,

    I’m a user from Iran. Thank you very much! It helped me a lot, I was so desperate, cause Gplay has updated itself and my facebook account stopped working! And the proxy I was using (Psiphon), seemed totally useless.

    I surfed net for a hours, nothing worked for me except for your advise about the cute Bear!

  • Solayman

    adobe lightroom also is not available in my country

  • Jezreel

    It didn’t work. If I open tunnelbear vpn and connect to us server then open Google store, I can’t browse it’s says connection failed.

  • toshiro

    hey guys best way and the only working way to acess other country play store is to make gmail accounts of that specific country and with the help of vpn proxy set it to desired location and you can acess to that specific country play store

    • soohyun

      This is the best way to access other country’s play store, I bet. I failed to use tunnelbear that is posted in this website, but when i created my new google account with my US cellphone number and location, it perfectly works! Thanks toshiro

  • ahmed

    does this work with bluestacks ,plz answer

  • Thiru

    Tunnel Bear works perfectly and I just installed Cortana from India!!

  • Kyle

    Great!Neither Anchor nor TunnelBear is avaliable in my country.

  • Zugzwang

    Thx man its wery wery useful, and guys if it doesnt work with united states try with UK it worked for me, Ty one more time man

  • Zan

    Actually there are many apps that are not restricted by the manufacturer. After all, most programmers want to spread their work to the whole world. Often it is Google Play that places the restriction, based on your account, payment profile, etc. Google is so big, it has no time to listen even to genuine cases where it is placing absurd and indefensible blocks. Sometimes, there is a simpler solution for this, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and download the apk. It is true that many manufacturers’ websites will simply hyperlink you to the Play Store, but in many cases, I have sent a courteous email to the manufacturer explaining the situation and they have sent me the apk. It’s worth a try and avoids the complication of permanently living behind a curtain.

  • iklil

    i had done every step but still i can’t download foxnow. i want to watch scream queens

  • iklil

    thank you !!! I just download foxnow!!!

  • LeBlanc

    It works! I can download apps from Japan now. ♥ Thank you for your the step by step process. It’s really useful. Sending all my love from the Philippines ♥ ♥ ♥

    • sebastian

      Hi! I’m also trying to download from Japan but it doesn’t seem to work. Did you get a new account or is there any way you can help me.
      I would greatly appreciate it.

      • Hi Sebastian, have you installing tunnelbear?
        Don’t forget to Clearing the Google Play Store Cache & Force Stop.

        • nana

          I also tried downloading an app from Japan which didn’t work sadly.
          I did everything written in the tutorial!

  • Farid Gauhar

    Thank you very much indeed, worked exactly as mentioned above step by step.

  • simon

    thank you so much

  • Alan RV

    Used it for an HTC ONE M9, it worked.

    I was trying to download an app in google play store, but the country message appeared as soon as I entered the app that i was looking for.

    Had to do the erase memory cache and force stop step, in order to be able to see the download app button.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Rayarn Tamati

    omg thanks now i can watch pretty littke liars on abcfamily thank u so much

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    Thanks heaps mate! really useful info.. finally i could install apple music.

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    Using Cortana in Kenya. Thanks a lot buddy

  • Bobby Smith

    So I’m trying to actually purchase Final Fantasy IX for JPN Android google playstore version.

    Is this possible??

    I have VPN on, and I can url my way to the JPN PRODUCT,
    but It still says. item unavailable.

    In fact, I don’t think I’ve been in the japanese playstore ever.

    You guys think getting and purchasing the JPN version of FF9 re-release will be impossible from the US on an US phone??

    fb at Bobby Smith. Some help or just discussion today would be nice.

    • Where is your position (country) now? is it from japan?

      May be you can try change vpn to US or UK for accessing Final Fantasy IX

  • Senem

    I can’t thank you enough. I couldn’t find any vpn that tunnels to Japan for free

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    can you add server for korea? i want to download korean games and i cant download korean game using japan server(closest to korea)

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  • Diana

    It didn’t work 🙁
    I’m trying to download the app for a smart scale I just bought. It says unavailable for my country and I did exactly as you’ve listed, but still says unavailable for my country :/

  • mona

    It worked…! Thaaaaaanks

  • JerryNg

    And how to Return your Play Store back to Normal?

    • Disconnect you TunnerBear, Clear Cache and force stop Play store.

      Now, open your Play store and it should back normal according your country

  • Katia

    It’s actually very ironic that the TunnelBear app isn’t available in my country .-.

    • Where do you live? for alternative, you can download TunnelBear APK file.

  • Reilly

    Awesome. After lots of strugfling I finally found one worth the time. Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Lightning

    -_- tunnelbear itself not available in my country! How the hell this way gonna help me!!.

  • harsimran

    Do.i have to follow ..all steps or its just different different ways to have access to us servers

  • Chandra

    Hey Thanks Man! It worked perfectly following your instructions.

    I had 2 Google Play services/Apps on my phone and had to clear Cache and Data on both apps. Worked great!

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    I couldn’t download Tunnel Bear apk…please help me!.. how can i do?

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    Guess wt tunnel bear is not available in our country

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    I’m user from Malaysia, i follow every step but still didn’t work.I try search the app but didn’t found the app.

  • Angelina

    The tunnelbear is not available in my country

  • Spiv

    My Google acc is registered in Australia.
    I am in Italy, with an Italian SIM card.
    I am trying to download the TIM telephonic company official app and am not able.
    I followed your advice and set Tunnelbear ti Italy, cleared all from the Play Store but, I am getting the same error.
    A y clues?

  • Gihan Sami

    Omg! Thank you! It works! 😀

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  • Artis

    To Android users for which the steps didn’t work, force stop &clear cache(not data) of google play store, uninstall google play, activate tunnelbear and wait ’till google play store reautoinstalls. Afterwards you have the selected location, and will be prompted for the terms&services. Worked for me 🙂

    • Linda Jafaar

      Is that a good idea to uninstall Google Play? How do we know it will reinstall automatically?

  • Maame

    This is good…. thanks a million times


    THANKS BRO !!!

  • Linda Jafaar

    I encountered some problems using this method. It works on one device but it doesn’t work on the other. What might be the problem? Can it be because of the device itself?

    Also if we can’t use this method to buy paid apps, then how can we? Is there any way for us to buy paid apps on restricted countries? I assume we cant even buy any of the in-app purchases by this method?? Hmm…

  • I have tried this method, changed countries, deleted Google Play Store and every time it keeps telling me “this item is not available in your country”
    Any ideas?

  • Rabi Sankar Dey

    Can i use it to play Pokemon Go?

  • Felipe

    Working like s charm, thanks

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