How to Use Gas Mask to Edit Mac Hosts File


The Mac hosts file is located inside a folder /etc/hosts which used by OS system to map the hostnames (domain name) to IP addresses.

The Use of Mac Hosts File

  1. To block the site’s page. You can use the Mac hosts file to block harmful sites like porn sites, or to block social media that may gets you unproductive, like block facebook.
  2. To block advertisements. Besides blocking ads, it can also block banners, 3rd party cookies, 3rd party page counters, web bugs, and even most hijackers.
  3. To propagate DNS when the hosting is moved. If you plan to move your site’s hosting to other providers, and you want the process runs faster without you need to wait for DNS propagation, then you can redirect the site’s address to the new IP hosting.

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BOOM! When I want to install apps from google play store, but not the INSTALL button that appears instead a warning that reads This Item Isn’t Available In Your Country.

So, How To Fix Download Android App which is not Available in Your Country from Play Store?

Some android apps intentionally set to be distributed in certain permitted countries.

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How to Block Facebook on Computer without Software

block-facebook-computer reveals that, in average, American people spend a minimum of 40 minutes to surf and have other activities on their facebook accounts.

Facebook Addiction


Do you know that Facebook addiction will drop not less than 50% of your productivity rate in doing work or other important activities? In addition, for children in the school-age to spend more time on facebook means less time for studying and doing their homeworks.

How much are you addicted to facebook? On what level is your facebook addiction level? Is it 0-5, 6-10, 11-20, or even more than 21?

If you have fallen into a facebook addict category, then it is time for you to block your facebook access from now on, at least to reduce your addiction level.

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mSpy Coupon 30% OFF Discount Code

mspy coupon

Want to keep track of what your children or your employees have been doing?

Having suspicion on your spouse?

Try to ‘spy’ them using mSpy, the best spying software, with more features available and cheaper price using mSpy coupon code. You can see where your children are right now and have no reason to worry about them.

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How to Highly Compress Files Using WinRar

You are planning to send a file or folder to your friends via e-mail but the file you want to send contain very large size.

… then you are trying to reduce the file size by compressing it using WinRar.

Does it work properly? Is it effective enough?

Do you think that when you compress the file using WinRar, it will make the size 50% smaller than its original size?

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You’ve just already downloaded archive files from website or received attachment file from e-mail in .RAR format. You need to open the file format on your Mac OS X, but you don’t know what to do.

Then, how are the steps to open/extract .rar archive file on Mac OS X?

Notes: Mac actually has a build-in app called Archive Utility; but the application does not support .RAR file format archive.

Therefore, for the RAR file types we need additional third-party applications.

If you are a user of Windows PC, you know that WinRar works to compress and extract files with .RAR format.

Anyway, can we install WinRar software on Mac?

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Right now I am using WinRar with Arabic language. How can I change the language setting into English?

Note: This instruction is applicable for all languages, like Russian, Spanish, and Chinese.

How come you install WinRar with local language that you don’t understand at all?

Well, It usually happens because you’re downloading the WinRar installer from the forum, and not from its official website. 1

In WinRar, you won’t find any menu to change the language setting on software display.

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How to Repair WinRar Unexpected End of Archive


You have completed the downloaded file of .ZIP or .RAR, and now you want to open that archive file type by extracting using WinRar.

But, it happens again. A frustrating error message comes across, stating, WinRar unexpected end of archive.

What does that error message mean?

Well, this means that the .zip or .rar file you were trying to download was incomplete or corrupted.

Causes of Errors

Not fully downloaded. The error message of “WinRar unexpected end of archive” encountered when you were trying to extract the .zip or .rar file was probably because the download process was not fully complete.

Such error happened for variety of reasons as listed below:

  • The .zip or .rar file is big file size (>1 GB)
  • The internet connection is not stable, like RTO (Request Time Out).
  • The download process is done through browser. When the network is not connected, the download process stops and displays a complete download, as in fact it is corrupted.


You should check the file size. Compare the file size of the downloaded file with the file size information in the link site.

When file is corrupted…

Redownload. If you found that the downloaded file is smaller than in the link site, it means that your file is corrupted, so you need to redownload it.

Notes: You should not download file directly from the browser, but do that using a software download manager like free download manager.

By using the software download manager, when the network is not connected, the download process will stop, but you can still resume it when the network reconnected.

When file is not corrupted…

Repair. One solution you can run when you found the downloaded file size is as it is in the link site information is by repairing that file.

Winrar itself has inbuilt feature which works to repair the corrupted file archives.

  1. Open file with WinRar. Right click on file and choose open with WinRar or open file.
  2. Repair File. File -> Tools -> Repair
  3. Select the RAR or ZIP. Choose “Treat the corrupt archive as” based on your file archive.


  4. Repairing process. In case a message pop up when repairing process as “recovery record found” it is likely that the recovery process will succeed.
  5. Repairing done. After completion of the repair process, then click on Close button.


  6. Do the extract. You can do that through Commands -> Extract without confirmation.


In order to prevent error message “winrar unexpected end of archive” when extracting archive files, make sure your internet connection is stable and use a software download manager to download.

The first thing you can do to repair the files is by using the inbuilt function, an innate feature of the WinRar itself.

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While it is said that the CCleaner may improve your computer performances, the truth may or may not be the opposite (rather than make your computer operates faster it may also make it slower) depending on the settings you made. How come?

So, how to set the CCleaner right and properly?

Let’s start with knowing what it is first.

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